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Our information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy ensures technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realize the promised benefits:e consult in the following areas:

ICT Policy Development

We consult on Design and creation of polices to ensure your systems are used in the correct way (e.g. ICT Acceptable Use, Social Media Policy,professional Ethics etc)

Business IT Alignment

Business IT Alignment –Our team of Experts will advice your on how to treat IT as an asset rather than a cost.This will generate profits in short and long-run

Security management

Security Management – Openlink provides Advice and practical services to help you protect your ICT infrastructure and data.

ICT Service Acquisition

we advice on the required ICT assets putting in mind that technology is rapidly dynamic.We also advice on the cost effective method of ICT acquisition

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics – Examination of digital media, such as personal computers, mobile phones, to establish factual evidence of illegal unauthorized or unusual activities.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Comprehensive planning service which brings together all of the key elements required to ensure your organizations  have appropriate plans in place to protect their key systems in the event of major organization issues


Did you know ICT capacity building  is a long-term  cost cutting measure?

Looking for best partner in your ICT Strategic planning?

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