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ICT & Office supplies

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Through our long-standing and extensive partnerships with the world’s leading desktop and mobile device manufacturers, we are able to provide and deploy products and services with the appropriate front-end and back-end infrastructure for our clients

We Supply The following ICT  Hardware


we supply high quality laptops both new and EX-UK.The supply all the brands which suite our clients with free 4months support after purchase.

Desktop computers

We supply high end and cost friendly desktops both new and EX-UK.We supply all the brands including customization depending on the clients need.


we supply all printers ranging from low speed dot matrix to high speed laser printers.

Networking Equipment

we supply different networking devices which include access points,switches,routers,cables  etc

Un-interupted Power suppy(UPS)

We supply power backs (ups) with different voltage capacities depending of the client needs

Computer Accessories

We also supply a wide range of computer accessories including:mouse,keyboard,projectors,monitors,power cables etc


Did you know ICT capacity building  is a long-term  cost cutting measure?

Looking for best partner in your ICT Strategic planning?

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